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When you Need to Provide Your own SEO

SEO Training/Coaching – If you’re wanting to learn SEO and provide it for your company or just want to hang a shingle out and go on your own, get ready we can help you do that. I can train one on one or a whole classroom. Even provide the tools you need and show you how to use them during the whole process. SEO coaching is usually more for someone who is already doing SEO and needs some tuning up coaching. pricing is based on your particular situation so contact me and we can discuss what you may or may not need.

Use our SEO Training/Coaching and do your own SEO!

With my 20+ years of real world SEO experience I can train you to do your own SEO. You may want to provide it in-house, use it in your web business or start your own SEO business. Our SEO coaching services are great for ones that have done some SEO or provides SEO now and needs some specific coaching.

Your Expert SEO Guy

Tim Frisch – 20+ year SEO veteran and founder of

Learn SEO and do it yourself!

Learn SEO on your schedule, one on one on location or through web conferencing/Skype. We provide all the tools.


Monroe, Ohio USA

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