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SEO HelpDesk was started in early 1998, yes even before Google was on the scene.

The SEO services we can provide for you...

  • On the job SEO - When you need us to take care of it for you
  • In-house SEO - When you need us to help you take care of it
  • Local SEO - When local SEO is your priority
  • SEO Consultant - When you only need a hired SEO hand
  • SEO Training/Coaching - When you want to do it all yourself
  • SEO Reporting and Auditing - A one time service or monthly service

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More about what we can do for you

On the job SEO - When you need us to take care of it for you

As the old saying goes, we're on the job. This is a full service SEO, we sit down with you to find out what your goals are regarding your Internet marketing. Whether you have set-in-stone goals or you're not at that stage yet. There have been many through out the years that I've discussed SEO and or the whole myriad of possibilities in front of them. And to think I was there to discuss "SEO". I can help at either end and anywhere in the middle.

In-house SEO - When you need us to help you to take care of it

If you currently take care of your own SEO, but on on an occasion you need a helping hand or not sure about something to just hand off some of the grunt work, we can help you.

Local SEO - When local SEO is your priority

When your business is focused on the local market, local SEO has a slightly different approach to it. The mentality may be different, goals may be different, focusing on getting reviews may be more important, additional directories will be considered more appropriate, keywords are researched a little different and many other things may be considered. Just as other facets of SEO changes this changes also, we're on top of it and help your success here too.

SEO Consulting - When you need a hired SEO hand

SEO Consulting - There may be many situations where consultation is much a more realistic approach for SEO. Here are a couple of  examples: You provide your own SEO in-house and may need just a little help on some areas that you're sure if the SEO rules changed this month because what you're trying isn't working. Another example might be that you have a SEO company/person providing your SEO and you need a second opinion about a particular process. Or maybe you would like to have a second opinion regarding analytics or where your site is ranked or other metric, we can help you here also.

SEO Training/Coaching

If you're wanting to learn SEO and provide it for your company or just want to hange a shingle out and go on your own,  get ready we can help you do that. I can train one on one or a whole classroom. Even provide the tools you need and show you how to use them during the whole process.  SEO coaching is usually more for someone who is already doing SEO and needs some tuning up coaching. pricing is based on your particular situation so contact me and I will give you pricing.

SEO Reporting and Auditing - A one time or monthly Service

If you would like to know where you stand regarding the many facets of SEO you're in the right place. a complete website audit can be provided, for example: General audit that shows problems and issues your website may have, keyword ranking report, analyitics, backlinks, social media metrics, and much more (or less). Reports are provided by themselves or all reports or reports and analysis.

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