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A Little More Information About SEO Help Desk and Founder Tim Frisch

Helping People Succeed Online Since 1998 – Here’s My Story

In The SEO Trenches With You Since 1998

The word dedicated seems to be a more like dead-icated in the business world anymore. I found out many years even before I started SEO Help Desk, being self reliant breeds dedication. That mentality carries over to my SEO work. You probably know with all the changes with the Internet and SEO itself, it is difficult to keep up with, but it’s not an option to do the best work for my clients.

SEO is Our Core Business – Not a Sideline

Of course SEO is not what it used to be 1998, a year ago or even 6 months ago. Two challenges, the first one is to keep as current as possible with the real world Internet/SEO changes. Being highly focused on SEO as my core service is crucial. Second, the other main challenge is to have expertise in the surrounding Internet services with high value, such as working with review/reputation marketing management. Of course there will always be other services that should be part of the mix and we’ll always do our best to help in those areas.

Changing ‘Doorstop’ Websites to Business Building Websites

What’s a doorstop website you may ask. Those are the websites that exist for 1 or more reasons in 1 or more situations.  1 situation may be because a great website was built and the website owner was never told they needed SEO or another situation might be that after a website was built it may have been live for awhile and the thought some have is that ‘build it and they will come’ just doesn’t work out. Of course I’m not sure if any successful business came about by paying no attention to it.

Who is Tim Frisch, Founder of SEO HelpDesk?

For over 25 years, I’ve been helping companies successfully grow their business both online and offline. Having real life sales & marketing experience for these past years enabled me to start a successful Internet marketing consulting business in 1998.

SEO/SEM has been my main focus for my clients. As online marketing changed throughout the years I’ve adapted those changes for my client’s changing needs.  For those same services I have also provided training for in-house needs.

My focus never changed: always helping clients grow their business. As change became more evident, additional solutions were brought to the forefront for my client’s ongoing needs as they changed.

Target All The Right Customers – Your Customers

By getting a good understanding of what you do, how your business operates, what you want to accomplish AND the needed experience with the right tools – we can target the right customers.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Converting to Results

Information is power – If all the things mentioned above work great, there’s still another skill that’s important to consider, knowing what to do with all the data that’s created. So analyzing the traffic and converting it to something invaluable – RESULTS!

Your Expert SEO Guy

Tim Frisch – 20+ year SEO veteran and founder of SEOHelpDesk.com

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